Landlocked Salmon - Brook Trout - Small Mouth Bass In the North Maine Woods

Located on the East Branch of the Penobscot River, Bowlin Camps Lodge has everything a fishing enthusiast could ask for. There is something for every class of fisherman. The East Branch offers some of the best fly fishing in Maine with naturally reproducing brook trout, landlocked salmon and small mouth bass. Hundreds of lakes, streams and ponds make up the watershed of our area. So come spend some time with us and fish a different spot every day. 

West of us, in near-by 235,000 acre Baxter State Park, there are over 40 ponds where brook trout, salmon and lake trout-togue can be fished. This Park report names the ponds.

Grand Lake Matagamon, a few miles upriver from camp, runs to a cold 95-feet deep and is excellent for brook trout, salmon, and togue. 

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Here's what State of Maine fishery biologists have to say about the East Branch: "East Branch Penobscot River from Matagamon Lake to the confluence with the West Branch supports fisheries for brook trout, landlocked salmon, and smallmouth bass. The wide variety of habitat types offer a myriad of fishing experiences throughout the system."

"Gone Fishing"

While enjoying a comfortable stay at Bowlin Camps Lodge, you can use our canoes for fishing from camp or our guides can take you to secluded pools where big native brook trout and small mouth bass are on the rise.

Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program. Since the spring of 2010, 250,000 or more Atlantic Salmon fry have been stocked from the shores of Bowlin Camps Lodge each year.

In 2012, Maine began to remove dams in the Penobscot River, to allow salmon, shad, sturgeon, alewives, eels and smelt to return to their native spawning grounds in the Penobscot River Basin, of which the East Branch is a part.

Maine, the way life ought to be...