Moose Hunting in Maine

2020 Maine Moose Hunt Tag Available! This is not the lottery.

Bowlin Camps Lodge has an antlered permit for WMD 10 during the September peek rut season with the hunting dates of September 28-October 3,2020. Contact David at (207) 267-0884 or via email at   If you were lucky enough to win your own tag in the lottery see below for details of our hunts.
Moose Hunting in Maine   

The early morning mist is clearing from a bog and your guide lets loose with a lovesick cow call. Moments later the woods come alive as trees shake, and your bull moose enters the clearing--- When things start to happen, they happen fast in the great North Woods of Maine!

Maine's moose licenses are obtained by entering the Maine Moose Lottery. Just go to the Maine Inland Fish and Wildlife website to apply. Once you draw a tag, call to book our services. Bowlin Camps Lodge guides in zones 5 and 10. We hunt moose the old fashioned way, by "Calling" and "Spot and Stalk".

What sets Bowlin Camps apart:
  • Zones 5 & 10, adjacent to 1,000s of acres of protected land, enjoys a high concentration of moose
  • 98% success rate
  • Seven-day stay and six days of hunting
  • Your own personal guide tailors your hunt to your needs and preferences

Maine Bull Moose

You'll have your own guide for the week

Maine bulls typically range from 900 to 1,200 lbs live weight, and the most-fit specimens can have antlers up to 6 feet wide. You will have your own personal guide, who will lead you to moose and stay with you throughout your hunt. We are proud of our 98% hunter success rate.

Our guides spend several weeks prior to the opening of the season scouting bull moose to further ensure your success.

Wildlife Management District 5 and District 10 have the cool elevations the bulls seek, and vegetation-dense lowlands the cows want.

Our area has an excellent mix of tree species for browse and shelter, and abundant streams and ponds with the aquatic plants moose need for salt and other minerals.

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We are in the heart of it all.  Give us a call and we will tailor your hunt to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even more spectacular. Our guides are fully committed to your success.

Your moose hunt includes


  • Personal guide service; a dedicated guide for your hunt 
  • Tracking and recovery
  • Game handling
  • Transportation to tagging station
  • Seven days lodging in a private cabin with bathroom, towels, bed linens and daily maid service
  • Three delicious meals/day and use of the lodge
  • Opportunities to hunt coyote and small game when you get your moose early in the week
Expert guide service


  • Game handling - assistance in getting your trophy out of the woods
  • Transportation to tagging station
  • Transportation to local processing center


Current Rates:

$2300. Per Hunter - 6 Day Moose Hunt / 7 Nights Lodging, Double Occupancy

$3900. Per Hunter - 6 Day Moose Hunt / 7 Nights Lodging, Single Occupancy

$850. per non-hunting guest, per week

$1000. per hunter deposit

Prices do not include licenses, tags, tax or gratuities and are subject to change

Discount for Military Men and Women. Call for details.  Thank you for your service.

The "Fine Print"

Maine, the way life ought to be...